Things to see

The main architectural features of the village are:

  • the parish church, which dates from 1875
  • the ruins of the old church, which was in use from the 17th century to 1874 (although a church has stood on this site since its consecration in 1242)
  • the three span collection bridge which was built in 1655
  • the remains of the Bishop’s House which was the retreat of the Bishop of St Andrews in pre-Reformation times
  • Our Lady’s Well – where a chapel was sited – just to the south of the village
  • the “Town Hall”, which opened in 1857 as a precursor to plans for the transformation of the village into a town
  • the new school which was opened in 2000
  • the former hosiery mill

Fireworks resized by Dougie JohnstonThere is also a wonderful bonfire and fireworks on Hogmanay – a village tradition!

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  1. Nancy Findlater Cutway
    Nancy Findlater Cutway April 4, 2016 at 3:15 pm | | Reply

    Was there a property in Stow called Rosebank? In 1917 a family member died there age 21, with his mother present; both usually lived in Leith. Apparently he had congenital heart disease. Was there a tradition of visiting the St. Mary’s well to pray for healing? If not, what was Rosebank?

    1. stuart
      stuart April 30, 2016 at 1:39 pm | | Reply


      the best people to get in contact with are the /Stow Archive, who are on the website


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