Galawater Camera Club

The Gala Water Camera Club was begun as a social and discussion group in Heriot Village for local people who were interested in the use of Cameras and Photography. This has now expanded to cover video, the digital issues around software, printing and other related matters as well. In 2013 this group was formalised into […]

Stow Defibrillator

There has now been a public access defibrillator placed in Stow post office and can be accessed by anyone in an emergency during opening hours.The future plan is to purchase a cabinet to house the defibrillator outside the town hall so access will eventually be 24/7. The defibrillator requires no training and is completely self […]

Going bald for cancer research!

Going bald for cancer research!

Going bald for cancer research… more

Note from the Stitchers o’ Stow

A People’s Panel is being stitched for The Great Tapestry of Scotland and it is hoped that a large number of people will add a few stitches each, no experience of stitching required. The People’s Panel will be in the Scottish Parliament between 13th Jan and 28th Feb 2015. You can add your stitches on […]

Welcome new owners at the Cloudhouse

Welcome new owners at the Cloudhouse

Welcome new owner Gemma Blacker and team at the Cloudhouse cafe more

A long wait!

A long wait!

With 75 primary and approx 50 secondary pupils it takes a long time to get a shot on the swings in Stow Park more

Thank you Stow!

Thank you Stow!

Hello, We are Thea and Rachael, on the 15th of November we put together a sale and sold cakes, flapjacks, handmade christmas cards and loom band bracelets. It was very successful, we managed to raised £71 for our chosen charity – Borders Pet Rescue. Borders Pet Rescue take in and rehome dogs, cats, rabbits and […]

Stow Youth Club needs YOU!

The Youth Club has taken a break to build up some strength in numbers. We are looking for more Committee members to help us run the club. We are also looking for a new Youth worker. We are hoping to continue to run the club for Primary 4s and older. Please contact Ulrika on 07714994311 […]

Community Projects Autumn 2014

The Old Kirk Work on stabilising the fabric of the Old Kirk is nearing completion. Throughout the building, limestone mortar has been used to ensure that water does not collect within the walls allowing irreparable damage by frost. The louvres in the bell tower have been replaced by the Stow-based company, Miller & Sons. Previously, […]

Stow AFC News, October 2014

Sadly the park surface is in need of further remedial work in order to bring it up to a suitable safe standard. The pitch has been fenced off to stop the ever increasing rabbit population from undoing the repair work. On the plus side it has eliminated the dog fouling problem and allows a bit […]


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