Dog Poo, a plea

Now, it is not the dogs’ fault; the poor things just have to go where they are taken by their owner. But – there have been several recently reported incidents of children getting their feet covered in dog poo on the way to or from school. As with so many things, it is a few who are spoiling it for the rest.

The situation is now so bad that there is a campaign to close the Quoiting Green to dogs. Please VOTE FOR ACTION HERE.

The pathway from Still Haugh to Old Stage Road in Fountainhall is another place that is repeatedly left with un-picked-up poos…. If you see someone leaving their dog’s doings, please politely ask them to remove it.. And you the culprits….PICK IT UP. Remember there is no such thing as the dog poo fairy.

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  1. Karen Nelson
    Karen Nelson July 3, 2012 at 9:43 am | | Reply

    At risk of repeating myself I would just like to say I am finding it increasingly difficult to find places to exercise my dog, ie off her lead. This morning I set off to the beech woods only to find cattle lying on the path, so I considered entering the woods via the bottom path running up from the A7. I deciced against this as it would mean walking along the verge worryingly close to the heavy traffic. I then walked along to the stile leading to Our Lady’s Well, knowing it may be a little muddy. That is an understatement! I would have been knee deep in the mud churned up by the cattle.
    I was under the impression that this was created as a right of way in 2000, so that the public had access to the well. Is it not a place of historic interest that could attract pilgrims and tourists as well as local walkers? A few years ago there was an area fenced off through the field leading to the beech woods, could this be a viable option now? For the next 3 or 4 months dog walkers will have very limited options particularly if, like myself, they have no means of transport. I would rather not use the park as I feel local kids have priority here.
    I can’t be the only one with these frustrations, and I think it would also appeal to visitors/tourists to be able to go walking safely around Stow.

  2. Steffen
    Steffen August 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm | | Reply

    Hi Karen,
    Certainly understand your frustration – Stow is fairly limited in terms of ways you can go, at the best of times. Being in a valley doesn’t help, of course – you can be pretty sure that it’s uphill wherever you go.

    The beech woods (torsonce woods) are a lovely place to go, prime community woodland, and the only hurdle is the field behind the church where there are cows. I went there recently, and gave this some thought, too.

    Accepting for a minute that there may well be livestock there most of the year, we could perhaps work towards opening up more permanent access to these woods?

    Two options might offer some potential:
    1. Above the field: Along the road to the gate to the field leading to the woods there is an open field on the left before the last house. This is not currently passable (and the cows can access this bit of land) but with a stile and an agreement with the farmer, there could potentially be access to the little strip of beech woods above the field which lead on to the top of Torsonce woods.

    2. Below the field: Past the field, along the A7, there is a way into the woods, with a gentle slope up towards the network of paths. However, this means walking along the A7, which at present is 60mph, with little space for pedestrians. Perhaps a path/pavement along the A7, or (more speculatively) a crossing point from the Lady’s well walk would work?

    Just a few ideas, but does anyone fancy taking an active role in researching these proposals, to the benefit of the community?

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