Stow & Fountainhall

The local authority Parish of Stow stretches from Crookston (near Heriot) to Bowland, and has two main centres of population: Stow and Fountainhall.

Stow, or more properly, Stow of Wedale, is a small village of around 700 people, nestling in a bend of the Gala Water valley in the Scottish Borders. The origins of Stow are lost in legend, with King Arthur said to have founded a chapel at the holy well nearby which became an important medieval place of pilgrimage.


Fountainhall – with a population of 280, Fountainhall is a small community with its own school and village hall. It supports a thriving WRI and is strongly linked to the farming community. Lying just a couple of miles to the north of Stow, Fountainhall comes together with Stow as one community enjoying many social and economic links with Heriot and Galashiels.

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