Low Carbon Galawater

What is Low Carbon Galawater?
Community group, founded 2010
Objective: engage in projects and other activities which aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish of Stow

What is the ‘low carbon challenge’?
A dual and global challenge:

  • Climate change
  • Resource scarcity (water, food, fossil fuels, raw materials)

How will this affect you?
Climate Change:  Higher average temperatures, more severe weather events (flooding, storms)
Resource scarcity: grid electricity and fossil fuels likely to become (much) more expensive, affecting the cost of

  • Heating (Oil, LPG, electricity)
  • Transport incl. public transport (diesel, petrol)
  • Home electricity usage
  • Most (if not all) goods and services (incl. food)
  • This could also affect the property value of:
  • Poorly insulated houses with fossil-fuel-based heating systems

Why talk about ‘carbon’?
A common denominator linked to both climate change, energy, food and costs
Talking ‘carbon’ maintains focus on activity which can help mitigate climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Saving carbon = saving money

How do we reduce our carbon footprint?

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • More sustainable consumption

What does a low carbon town look like?

  • Fewer oil/LPG trucks visiting
  • More wood smoke, less coal smoke
  • More people walking and cycling around town (even) healthier, happier people

Some identified themes:

  • Energy:
    1. Buildings Energy
    2. Space Heating
    3. Water Heating
    4. Lighting
    5. Transport Energy
    6. Local Leisure activities
    7. Food
  • Resource use:

Reuse, sharing, Recycling, Composting etc


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  1. Maurizio
    Maurizio October 5, 2018 at 4:07 pm | | Reply


    Is this club still running? What is the best way to get involved?

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